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man holding pill
Why watching prescriptions closely is so important

SFM works hard to make sure injured workers’ medications are managed well, and as part of that effort, SFM began partnering with a new pharmacy benefits manager, myMatrixx.

A manager talking to an employee on a warehouse floor
Why you have to stay vigilant on work injuries

Ideally, your employees will let you know if they are injured, but what if they don’t? You might still be legally required to report.

Compute screen with word "investigations" on it
What you need to know about workers’ compensation fraud

Although workers’ compensation fraud rarely happens, it can cause serious and costly problems for employers when it does.

Doctor and patient looking at brain scans
What employers need to know about concussions

Because the duration, symptoms, diagnostic testing and treatment in each case are so varied, concussions can be very complex and costly to treat.

Woman looking at injury report on computer
Avoid common mistakes when reporting work injuries

Fast, accurate injury reporting can reduce frustration for everyone involved. Watch out for these common mistakes.

Are infectious diseases acquired at work eligible for workers’ compensation?

Infectious diseases and workers’ compensation: Legal and practical considerations if employees are exposed to the flu or other viruses at work

Accident investigation form
Do you have a plan for investigating work injuries?

You hope a work injury doesn’t occur, but if one does, use this four-point accident analysis plan to investigate.

Two workers
How your workers’ compensation e-mod is calculated

Your e-mod is used to calculate your workers’ compensation premium that’s based on your workers’ compensation claims experience.

The burdens of work injuries you might not see

Following a work injury, depression is a real risk. Here are a few ways employers can help provide some relief.

Saving money in a piggy bank
Nine expert tips that can lower your workers’ compensation costs

Employers have some control over workers’ compensation premiums. Here are our best tips for controlling your losses, and as a result, your premiums.

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