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Woman looking at injury report on computer
Avoid common mistakes when reporting work injuries

Fast, accurate injury reporting can reduce frustration for everyone involved. Watch out for these common mistakes.

Are infectious diseases acquired at work eligible for workers’ compensation feature image
Are infectious diseases acquired at work eligible for workers’ compensation?

Infectious diseases and workers’ compensation: Legal and practical considerations if employees are exposed to the flu or other viruses at work

Accident investigation form
Do you have a plan for investigating work injuries?

You hope a work injury doesn’t occur, but if one does, use this four-point accident analysis plan to investigate.

The burdens of work injuries you might not see

Following a work injury, depression is a real risk. Here are a few ways employers can help provide some relief.

Saving money in a piggy bank
Nine expert tips that can lower your workers’ compensation costs

Employers have some control over workers’ compensation premiums. Here are our best tips for controlling your losses, and as a result, your premiums.

Man sitting at a desk talking on a phone
Claim adjusters’ best tips to avoid workers’ comp missteps

SFM’s claims representatives share their top tips for employers when dealing with workers’ compensation claims.

Bandaged elbow
The value in reporting minor work injuries

Reporting minor injuries helps create a record in case the injury becomes more severe. Incident-only claims won’t affect your premium.

three construction workers
Four things you need to do after an employee is injured

Help prevent future workplace injuries, get the employee on the road to recovery and ensure a smooth claim process with these four post-injury tips.

Waiting periods calendar
Waiting periods: What to watch for

Bringing injured employees back to work before your state’s waiting period ends is one of the most important things you can do to control future premiums.

post-injury depression
Consequential depression: When a work injury leads to mental health issues

Post-injury depression can prolong a claim and delay return-to-work. Here are five steps employers can take to lower the risk of consequential depression.

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