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Top 7 workplace safety tips

These seven essential safety tips, identified by SFM's loss prevention staff, will earn your company a gold star in workplace safety.

How three school districts reduced their workers’ comp losses

Safety improvements and early return-to-work have carried many school districts insured by SFM to the head of the class.

New equipment and culture change cut hospital’s lifting injuries

As a side benefit of a patient-first mentality and focus on employee safety, St. Luke’s Hospital has kept workers’ compensation costs in check.

11 common sense tips for safe winter weather driving

Follow these tips to keep safe while driving in snowy and icy winter weather.

Iowa manufacturer builds machine to prevent lifting injuries

In an effort to prevent lifting injuries, Iowa-based manufacturer Katecho built a machine that would do the lifting for them.

Bart Anderson, U.S. SiteWork CEO
CEO Q&A: Planning for safety helps projects run more efficiently

Our interview with U.S. SiteWork CEO Bart Anderson on why safety is his company’s mission.

Hospital staff trains for a frightening possibility

The Dallas County Hospital in Perry, Iowa, held an active shooter drill. This allowed staff to practice sheltering in place or escaping during such an event.

How one school district prevents falls among staff

The Cambridge-Isanti Public Schools decreased falls by making stepladders easily accessible throughout its buildings.

Jim Andrews, CEO of ADO products
CEO Q&A: Company's emphasis on safety starts at the top

ADO Products CEO Jim Andrews talks about his company’s emphasis on employee safety.

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