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Fall prevention focus of Safety Stand-Down week

May 7-11, 2018 is the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. Take the time to educate your workers on the importance of fall prevention.

Watch out for everyday electrical safety hazards

It’s easy to forget that everyday activities like using extension cords and outlets can pose a risk for fires, shock and even electrocution if done improperly.

How loss prevention visits target business safety risks

What to expect during a loss prevention visit from one of SFM’s trained occupational health and safety professionals

Checklist helps keep employees safe during school construction projects

SFM’s loss prevention staff created a checklist to help schools keep employees safe throughout construction projects.

Health care worker safety closely tied to patient safety

In healthcare, patient and caregiver safety go hand-in-hand. Based on independent research and SFM's claims data, moving patients manually puts healthcare workers at risk for severe injuries.

Hand and power tool safety

When using hand and power tools, it's important to use a tool that fits the job and is in good condition. Most injuries result from misuse and improper maintenance.

Safety tips to protect warehouse workers

The rate of fatal injuries in the warehouse industry is higher than the average for all other injuries. Here's how to keep your employees safe.

Eight tips for defensive driving

Learn how to keep safe on the road by following these tips for defensive driving

Business owner using a mobile safety app
Three apps to make your workplace safer

Mobile safety apps can help you identify heat-related risks, use ladders safely and encourage better ergonomics.

The risks of multitasking: Why single-tasking is more productive — and safer

Multitasking has infiltrated our work and home lives. Distracted driving and walking both pose dangers.

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