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Outdoor hazards to watch for during warm weather months

Warm weather is not without its own risks, especially for people who work outdoors. Watch out for tripping hazards, heat stress, severe weather and insects.

Safe driving practices for employees

More than 43,000 Americans died in a traffic-related incident in 2022, a number that has been on the rise in recent years. Defensive driving and other safe driving techniques are learned habits. Here are some tips to help equip employees and yourself with the knowledge you need to be safer on the roads.

Muscular injuries: How to combat common ergonomic challenges

While injuries commonly occur when lifting or moving is involved, implementing a program that focuses on proper ergonomics can greatly reduce incidents. Challenges with larger muscle groups (primarily the back and shoulders) are often easier to identify and control than those associated with repetitive motion risk factors.

Ladder inspections: What to look for

A fall from a ladder can be devastating, so take the time to make sure your ladder is in good shape with these ladder inspection safety tips.

How floors can help prevent slips and falls

Slips and falls can happen to anyone. Doing what you can to make your floors more slip resistant is one way you can prevent workplace injuries.

Top seven safety tips for office workers

While office jobs are generally considered safer than others, they do have their own unique hazards. Here are seven tips for office workers to prevent workplace injuries.

Be on your guard for slips and falls all winter long

Snow and ice can cause severe injuries at any time throughout the winter season.

What employers should know about marijuana safety and impairment policies

An employer's legal marijuana safety and impairment policy options may depend on the level of operations the company has with the federal government.

De-escalation tactics can prevent violence in the workplace

Employees in a variety of occupations can find themselves in situations with the potential to become violent at work. De-escalation tactics can be used to defuse volatile situations so they don’t reach the point of violence.

Pre-task planning: Prepare and be aware for successful injury prevention

Taking time for pre-task planning allows employees to focus on recognizing hazards and putting controls in place to prevent incidents from occurring.

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