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Preventing and responding to burns in kitchen environments

Use these tips to avoid burns while working in a kitchen.

Cartoon man driving a sports car and holding a cell phone with a "no" sign over it
Creating a policy for employee cell phone use while driving

If you have employees who drive as part of their jobs, your driving policy should address cell phone use. Use our sample cell phone policy as a guide to create your own.

Skip the safety hero
15 ways to be your own SAFETY HERO, like Skip

Defend yourself against workplace accidents by being aware of hazards. Be a good example. Practice safety in every aspect of your job.

Safety committee at work
Nine best practices to make your safety committee more effective

Having a safety committee with the goal of preventing injuries and accidents is worth the time and resources, especially if yours follows these best practices.

person clutching their knee
Tips to prevent re-injury after return-to-work

When an employee returns to work after an injury, make sure the employee understands the importance of working within medical restrictions and take these steps to prevent re-injury.

A worker intructing two other workers on how to use a saw
Cut down the risk of injury for your new employees

Make sure prospective hires understand the job and that new employees are properly trained to cut down the risk of injury.

Outdoor hazards to watch for during warm weather months

Warm weather is not without its own risks, especially for people who work outdoors. Watch out for tripping hazards, heat stress, severe weather and insects.

Kitchen workers
Slip-resistant shoes prevent falls in kitchen environments

Lessen the risk of a slip-and-fall injury by encouraging or requiring your employees to wear slip-resistant shoes, and providing a stipend to make compliance more likely.

prevent late-winter slips and falls - Penguin holding checklist
Prevent late-winter slips and falls at the workplace

Thawing and freezing in late winter can cause dangerous slips and falls. Keep an eye on weather conditions and use caution to prevent injuries.

Man holding up a pair of safety glasses
How to prevent eye injuries in the workplace

An estimated 2,000 eye injuries happen every day in the workplace. You can reduce the risk by knowing the hazards and wearing proper protective eyewear.

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