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Older worker with injury
Preventing injuries among aging workers

Why older workers are more at risk for workers’ comp injuries, and four tips for preventing injuries among older workers

Two workers speaking at a construction site
Q & A with researcher Katie Schofield, Ph.D.

Research has quantified the connection between contact by loss prevention representatives and reduced lost-time injuries in the construction industry.

Survey: U.S. working conditions taxing, but also friendly

A Rand Corporation survey released this week sheds light on working conditions in the United States, and results are mixed.

man sweeping construction site
Four housekeeping tips for a safer construction site

Accidents such as trips and falls, being struck by falling objects and cutting or puncturing the skin can often be avoided by keeping a construction site neat and organized.

Don't be distracted poster
The danger of distracted walking

Walking while distracted can cause you to miss a potential hazard like ice, snow or a change in the walking surface, putting you at risk for a fall.

Man with a safety first sign
Four signs you genuinely value workplace safety

It’s easy to say “safety first.” It’s tougher to truly carry it out. Does your organization practice what you preach when it comes to employee safety?

Person staying hydrated during extreme heat
Protect your workers from the threats of extreme heat

Prevent heat-related illness among your employees with these tips and tools for working in extreme heat.

Hiring tips
How to hire the right people

The Supremes famously recounted a mother’s sage advice in the song “You can’t hurry love.” Here's why “You can’t hurry hiring” is equally true.

Worker practicing safe lifting
Top 7 workplace safety tips

These seven essential safety tips, identified by SFM's loss prevention staff, will earn your company a gold star in workplace safety.

Skip the school safety hero
How three school districts reduced their workers’ comp losses

Safety improvements and early return-to-work have carried many school districts insured by SFM to the head of the class.

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