SFM continues to improve SAM system

SFM recently made additional enhancements to its SFM Agency Manager (SAM) system.

The improvements will help streamline the process for agents and are part of a continual effort to make SAM more user friendly.

To begin, when an application is declined, users will automatically be directed to a declination page, with the option to print a declination letter. The page also displays contact information for the underwriter associated with the application.

“Agents have already loved it,” said Ashley Butcher, SFM Underwriting Technical Specialist. “They don’t have to wait for an answer and have had a really positive reaction to that update.”

Meanwhile, applications now require agents to enter either the company’s federal employer identification number or the employer’s social security number. This will allow agents to see whether it is a second application from the same business.

Other updates to the SAM system include:

  • A screen showing all open applications, regardless of whether they were entered through SAM, email or physical mail
  • Asking for loss history information earlier in the process
  • Other design improvements to make SAM easier to use

“SFM is committed to continuously improving our processes to help our agent partners and policyholders,” Butcher said.

As a reminder, SFM in mid-March 2024 added multifactor authentication to SAM. Learn more on our frequently asked questions page.


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