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Agent Agenda

20 percent commission in 2020

There are more reasons for agents to bring new business to SFM in 2020. Expect a 20% commission rate, greater premium range of up to $25,000, and faster and easier quoting and binding for target classes.

When are subcontractors considered employees?

Whether a subcontractor is considered an employee is dependent on many things, including the nature of the work being done and whether it is fundamental to what the business does. Learn how the determination is made.

SFM Foundation to hold fall fundraiser

The SFM Foundation is pleased to announce its fall fundraiser November 7. The event will feature wine tasting, craft beer samples and appetizers — along with a silent auction, raffles and light shopping.

Share SFM resources for policyholders to prevent winter slips and falls

You can help policyholders prevent winter slips and falls by reminding them to use SFM’s free resources. We offer winter slip-and-fall prevention posters, safety training materials, videos and more on sfmic.com.

Tips to share for reporting injuries

It’s easy for employers to forget how and when to report work injuries, especially if they don’t happen often. Here are a few tips for reporting that might be good reminders for your SFM policyholders.

Video helps explain premium audits

A new video featuring SFM Premium Audit Team Leader Ken Johnson aims to help agents and policyholders better understand the premium audit process.

NCCI: Autonomous vehicles could reduce workers’ comp costs

A National Council on Compensation Insurance analysis suggests that in the future, autonomous vehicles could save the workers’ compensation system from $1 billion to $4 billion annually due to a reduction in work-related motor vehicle accidents.

Ensure employees traveling overseas are properly covered

When employees travel overseas for work, it’s important to ensure that they have the proper workers’ compensation coverage in place.

SFM adds four new states of coverage

SFM is now licensed in the states of Texas, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, bringing our coverage territory to 26 states.

Cell phone policy resource updated

Our “Sample cell phone policy” CompTalk has been updated to reflect the latest language from the Society of Human Resource Management.

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