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Agent Agenda

SFM deepens commitment to serving the community

We’re hoping to have an even greater impact on the community by increasing our corporate giving to the SFM Foundation and other charitable organizations, and establishing a company-wide day of service.

Hands-free cell phone law passes in Minnesota

A new Minnesota law that bans hand-held cell phone use while driving takes effect August 1.

When to use the ERM-14 form

The ERM-14 form is generally used to report changes in ownership resulting from sales, mergers and other events.

South Dakota requires affidavit for independent subcontractors

When independent contractors with no employees work as subcontractors, South Dakota law requires them to sign affidavits verifying that they are exempt from workers’ compensation coverage.

What you need to know about the alternate employer endorsement

The alternate employer endorsement is meant for businesses that use employees from other firms, such as contractors or staffing services. It extends workers’ compensation and employers liability coverage to the business using another company’s employees.

SFM licensed in four additional states

SFM is now licensed in the states of Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Utah and Idaho, bringing our coverage territory to 22 states.

Iowa law addresses idiopathic falls

An Iowa law effective for injuries occurring on or after April 23, 2019, specifically states that injuries stemming from “idiopathic or unexplained falls” from a level surface onto the same level surface aren’t compensable under the state’s workers’ compensation laws.

SFM Foundation names Linda Williams President

The SFM Foundation’s Board of Directors announced in May that Linda Williams would be the new President of the charitable organization. Williams is succeeding Dave Kaiser, who has been President of the SFM Foundation since its creation in 2008.

Arnold named MN Deputy Commissioner of Insurance

Grace Arnold was recently appointed Minnesota Deputy Commissioner of Insurance.

Audit noncompliance changes in Wisconsin

Due to a change in workers’ compensation law, insurance carriers will be able to opt out of audit noncompliance charges in Wisconsin. SFM will be choosing to opt out.

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