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Agent Agenda

2018 results: Another year of positive growth

A review of SFM’s 2018 financials reveals remarkable success for SFM, with independent agents continuing to play a pivotal role.

More Iowa school districts turning to SFM

School districts have become our fastest growing segment of business in Iowa, with our book of business more than doubling since January of 2017.

What you need to know about business ownership changes

When one of your clients undergoes a change in ownership, it’s important that you report the change to SFM as soon as possible.

SFM Foundation unveils new website, announces fundraising events

Released in January, the SFM Foundation redesigned site focuses on the mission of easing the burdens of families affected by workplace injuries.

For better outcomes, report injuries immediately

Employers don’t always realize how important it is to report work injuries immediately. Learn a few of the benefits of reporting injuries right away.

Iowa underwriter recognized for service excellence

Iowa-based Senior Marketing Underwriter Cody Allen received SFM’s most prestigious award for service excellence for 2018.

Wisconsin blanket waivers of subrogation available

SFM is now offering blanket waivers of subrogation to policyholders in Wisconsin.

Medical marijuana legalized in Iowa

Iowa’s first dispensaries for medical marijuana opened in late 2018.

New regulatory leaders in Wisconsin, Minnesota

Along with new governors, the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota both have new regulatory leaders.

SFM offers third-party administrator services

Self-insured employers and groups in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa can also benefit from SFM’s workers’ compensation expertise.

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