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SFM state expansion project takes a focus on Kansas

SFM is now writing small business based in Kansas, and we plan to expand our small business presence into more states in the future.

COVID-19 and workers’ comp: Compensability and other trends

SFM has been seeing workers’ compensation claims for COVID-19 since the pandemic began. Here’s a look at how we’re handling those claims, and some of the unique issues they present.

Take the steps to protect your operation from cyberattacks

A particular form of online crime that’s surging right now is a scam known as business email compromise. The FBI considers business email compromise to be one of the most financially damaging forms of cybercrime, warning about it in an article on fbi.gov.

Serving schools in difficult times

With a large and ever growing book of school business, SFM has been working hard to assist school policyholders wherever possible.

SFM offers safety resources for trucking

SFM offers resources to address the many safety challenges unique to truck drivers. Our Supervisor Initiated Trainings (SITs) and 5-Minute Solutions include more than 35 training topics.

Court: Insurer can’t charge premium for IA ‘seamen’ employees

An appeals court recently ruled that an insurer could not charge an Iowa employer workers’ compensation premiums for employees who are excluded from coverage.

Motor vehicle fatality rates up, urge safe driving

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. has seen significantly fewer motor vehicles on the road.

SFM now offering IVANS Download

You can now have SFM data transferred automatically into your agency management system via IVANS Download.

Work Comp Campus launch delayed

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has delayed the launch of its new workers’ compensation claims portal until Nov. 2.

NCCI changes class codes for senior living and nursing homes

The states of Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota have removed two class codes related to senior living and nursing home employees.

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