SFM enhances MyPayroll premium audit system

SFM is making upgrades to its online MyPayroll system with new features and a streamlined process to make it even easier for policyholders to complete annual premium audits.

The enhancements are expected to go live soon.

The new features include:

  • The ability to securely upload multiple documents at once using a drag-and-drop interface
  • Email notifications in addition to physical letters about premium audit deadlines
  • The ability to add documentation to the audit after it’s been submitted

If you have started your audit in the old system at the time of the rollout, the information you’ve entered will be pre-filled into the new system.

New MyPayroll users

With the enhancements to MyPayroll, a wider range of policyholders will be able to complete their audit online, including some policyholders who previously completed audits in person or via email only.

If you have questions throughout the audit process, your auditor is available to help. You can find your auditor’s contact information on letters or emails you’ve received or within MyPayroll.


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