SFM leaders receive promotions

SFM recently promoted several of the organization’s leaders to the role of Vice President.

According to Senior Vice President & Chief Business Officer Steve Sandilla, they have all exhibited exceptional leadership skills and demonstrated 100% commitment to their teams. Year after year, each of them has led their teams and managed their business units to produce consistently excellent results.

Dennis Logstrom has been promoted to Vice President of Small Business.

Logstrom has led the Small Business Accounts Team since 2005.

"Under Dennis' oversight, the Small Business Team has seen tremendous growth in premium, policy count and state expansion," said Sandilla. "He is the epitome of a team player always willing to help when needed."


Debra Zorn has been promoted to Vice President of Regional Business. Zorn has led the Middle Market North/Metro Accounts Team since 2016.

"The North/Metro Accounts Team has seen excellent growth and continues to manage our two largest agency partners under Deb's leadership," said Sandilla. "The team has had a lot of new faces since 2016 and Deb has worked tirelessly to make sure the SFM culture runs through the North/Metro Accounts Team. She doesn’t hesitate to challenge the status quo and always looks for ways SFM can improve."


Mark Arrington has been promoted to Vice President of Regional Business. Arrington has led the Middle Market South/Metro Accounts Team since 2005.

"During this time, the South/Metro Accounts Team has also seen good growth and has led our expansion into South Dakota under Arrington’s direction," said Sandilla. "Mark also has oversight of one of our top three agency partners. He continues to lead by example and is always looking for ways that he and his team can exceed customer expectations."


Nick Marino has been promoted to Vice President of Regional Business. Marino has led the Wisconsin Business Team since 2008.

"Wisconsin is SFM's second largest state and continues to be a very challenging and competitive workers' compensation market," said Sandilla. "Under Nick’s leadership, the team has profitably grown SFM's premium and policy count, relying on exceptional customer service. He has created an environment that promotes ideas and innovation that has led to several successful niche business opportunities and growth for SFM."


Shawn Miner has been promoted to Vice President of Regional Business. Miner has led the Iowa/Nebraska Team since 2013.

"The Iowa/Nebraska Team has continued to be a growth engine for SFM," said Sandilla. "Shawn also successfully led our expansion into Kansas. Because of the business growth, the team has had to add several new employees all while maintaining a very high level of service under his leadership. He is the definition of a servant leader and knows what it takes to build a winning team."

Congratulations to these exemplary leaders on their well-deserved promotions.


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