SFM resource catalog upgrades

SFM recently made several enhancements to its resource catalog.

The resource catalog is a massive repository of useful information for agents and policyholders. It includes posters and training guides about safety, in-depth plans for employers to successfully report, manage and prevent injuries, and handouts with additional workers’ compensation tips and best practices.

The aim of the latest updates is to create a better user experience for policyholders and agents. Upgrades were based on feedback from internal stakeholders and research conducted by SFM’s User Experience team.

At a high level, the upgrades make it easier for users to discover the available resources and make the catalog more searchable. People are also able to more easily download and order resources.

“SFM has a wealth of assets to help our policyholders. These upcoming improvements will not only help users find and utilize our expertise, but hopefully reduce claims and bolster the bottom line for all of our stakeholders,” said Sara Goese, Senior Web Content Developer at SFM.

The upgrades to SFM’s resource catalog include a more user-friendly layout, the ability for people to see all resources at the click of a button, the inclusion of language filters and more.

Specifically, the improvements include:

  • Users will no longer lose their original search term when clicking in and out of resources
  • The catalog “remembers” where users were on the previous page when clicking into resources and returning to the previous page
  • Loading indicators were added to tell users the system is working on displaying their search results
  • All search results are displayed on the same page, eliminating the need for users to click through pages of results

“SFM takes great pride in helping our policyholders maintain safe and healthy workplaces,” Goese said. “Our resources ensure employers have the tools they need to implement programs and procedures that develop strong return-to-work strategies, stay on alert for potential pitfalls and enhance their ability to keep their workers productive and on the job.”

Lastly, the search functionally was improved across the website in general in addition to the resource catalog itself. Check out the latest updates.


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