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Man outside in severe winter weather
Snow days aren’t just for schools: How to develop a workplace severe weather policy

When winter weather turns dangerous and it’s unsafe to travel, do you have a plan – for yourself and your employees?

Man yawning while driving
The dangers of drowsy driving

Driving while drowsy can cause drivers to pay less attention to the road, slows their reaction time and affects the ability to make good decisions.

Lockout/tagout is on the list of top 10 OSHA violations
Watch out for these top 10 OSHA violations

List of the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA violations of 2018, with training resources for each

Skip the school bus safety hero
School bus drivers can be safety heroes

This year’s theme for National School Bus Safety Week, “My Driver – My Safety Hero,” reminds us of bus drivers’ important roles in getting people where they’re going safely.

Female driver in a car adjusting her seat belt
Safe driving isn’t an accident

While technology and safe driving don't always go together, technology can help increase safe driving behaviors with in-vehicle monitoring systems.

Winter-proof your workplace to stop slips and falls feature image
Winter-proof your workplace to stop slips and falls

Follow these steps to get your employees ready for the risks of winter weather and cut down on slips and falls in the workplace.

An employee welds at Jones Metal, a Minnesota custom sheet metal fabricator
Minnesota manufacturer invests in safety

SFM policyholder Jones Metal takes full advantage of SFM’s safety resources, including help applying for a MN OSHA safety grant.

Home healthcare worker helping a patient
Safety tips for home healthcare workers

Home healthcare workers face many unique safety risks. Hazards include getting to and from work, transferring clients, slips and falls and more.

Three women at work developing safety programs for multiple generation safety programs for multiple generationssafety programs for multiple generation safety programs for multiple generations
Optimizing safety programs for all generations

Employers must tailor safety and health programs for four distinct generations in the workforce.

3 workers participate in a training for Safe + Sound Week
Second annual Safe + Sound Week approaching

The second annual Safe + Sound Week raises awareness about the value of safety and health programs.

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