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wellness program best practices
Two key factors for a successful workplace wellness program

What makes a workplace wellness program successful? Here are two best practices revealed by researchers.

ROI and VOI: A strong wellness program measures both

When making the case for wellness programs, measuring both ROI and VOI will illustrate the impact the program has on your organization.

Health blood pressure check
How employers can take charge of health-related productivity losses

How do you reduce absenteeism and presenteeism in your employees? Start by maintaining a safe workplace and encouraging health and wellness.

Man yawning
More than a third of workers don’t get enough sleep, study finds

Seven hours of sleep is the recommended amount for adults. Being sleep deprived comes with severe costs to health, safety and the economy.

Smiling man
Why employee happiness is so important

The numerous benefits of a positive workplace make a compelling case for building a supportive, affirming work environment where employee happiness is valued.

Combat work stress
Strategies to combat work-related stress

People think stress is a natural by-product of work. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Use these tips to prevent negative health impacts of work stress.

Stressed man
Research finds stress is bad for workers, bad for business

Research paints a picture of just how expensive work-related stress can be, both for workers’ health and for their employers.

Don’t overlook depression in the workplace feature image
Don’t overlook depression in the workplace

Depression. Let’s talk about it. It’s time to shine a light on one of the most common disorders – one that often goes unmentioned at work.

Construction worker doing stretches
Total Worker Health: What you need to know

Total Worker Health offers an integrated approach to worker health, safety and well-being with a proactive approach to overall health and wellness.

woman practicing mindfulness at work
How to add mindfulness to your workplace wellness program

Workplaces can build on successful physical wellness programs by incorporating a popular — and proven — technique for emotional health: mindfulness.

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