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Don’t overlook depression in the workplace feature image
Don’t overlook depression and anxiety in the workplace

Depression and anxiety. Let’s talk about them. It’s time to shine a light on common disorders that often go unmentioned at work.

Work-life balance infographic
Work-life balance: Views evolving with new generations

Work-life balance tips for each generation in the workforce.

Man working on laptop at the beach
Constant distraction can harm employees’ well-being

Employees can experience stress and burnout when they don’t take enough time to fully disconnect from work.

Depressed woman looking at laptop
Ways to help employees struggling with mental health

You may have employees who are struggling with their mental health. Offering assistance and education about mental health can help them get back to a healthy place.

Man yawning at work, Sleep-deprived workers research finds this is common
Fatigue and sleep deprivation in the workplace common, studies find

Fatigue and sleep deprivation in the workplace come with severe costs to health, safety and the economy.

Financially stressed employee in the workplace
Help your employees achieve the four elements of financial well-being

Address financial stress in your employees by applying the four elements of personal financial well-being to a financial wellness program.

Nurse checking a woman's height as part of a workplace wellness program
10 statistics that make the case for workplace wellness programs

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce report “Winning With Wellness” makes the case for workplace wellness programs with some key employee health statistics.

Workplace smoking cessation resources can help workers like this one stop smoking
Help your employees with these smoking cessation resources

Smoking can significantly increase the length and cost of a workers’ compensation claim. Here are several state and national resources to help your employees quit smoking.

Construction worker stretching as part of a Total Worker Health program
Total Worker Health: What you need to know

Total Worker Health offers an integrated approach to worker health, safety and well-being with a proactive approach to overall health and wellness.

Woman standing on a scale, measuring obesity in the workplace
Prevent obesity in the workplace to reduce costs, research says

Obesity has high costs both in terms of a worker’s health and costs to the employer, and the workplace can be a contributing factor.

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